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We now have a presence on Facebook and Twitter! Check us out on Facebook HERE and Twitter HERE. Don't forget to like / follow us for more news and updates.

Website update

All the photos from the shoot on Tuesday are now posted here on the website. Go check them out! The cast from the show can be found here. Committee members here and Backstage Crew here. The website is pretty much finished now bar a few little tweaks here and there. Hope you like it. :-)


Tonight all the cast and crew are having a photo-shoot before rehearsals, ready for all the promotional material and the front-of-house display board. Once post-production is completed the photos will be up and published on the Cast & Crew page - be sure to check them out!

Second rehearsal

We had a whale of a time at the first read-through last night. The script is hilarious and had eveyone in stitches. It's great watching everyone begin to develop their characters, trying different accents & different mannerisms, figuring out what to do on-stage and where. Roll on next week to continue through it - we haven't got to the end of Act I yet!