Not long to go!

There’s a little under two weeks to go until the script read-through at the Hub (Tuesday 9th September, 19.30 @ The Hub in Verwood) and there is an air of excitement mounting already. The script is hilarious and the read-through is a great opportunity for everyone to have a go at any one of the parts. So set an alarm now - don’t miss this fun night!

Casting call

The Directors and Producers had an intense meeting last night and the Directors have now decided upon the age requirements for the principal roles…. and here they are!

Aladdin - female, 16+
Jasmine - female,15+
Widow Twanky - male, 18+
Wishee Washee - male/female, 18+
Abanazar - male, 18+
Hi & Lo - male/female, 18+
Tingaling - female, 15+
Genie - female, 18+
Slave of the ring - female, 12+
Empress - female, 18+
PC 27 & 39 - male/female, 15+

Just to add to the pressure, Aladdin and Jasmine will be required to sing "A Whole New World" at the auditions - don’t worry - we’re not expecting you to belt it out note-perfect like Brad Kane and Lea Salonga!

Brand new members to the Society will not be able to audition for a principal role but will be very welcome to join the chorus. Incidentally, we're opening up the chorus this year and are not currently looking to restrict numbers - yay!

See you all in five weeks! Wooohoooo!