This year’s charity collection

Wow! This year’s collection came to £1,335 - that’s nearly double what we’ve collected in previous years. The audience’s generosity has been tremendous this year and all money raised will go towards helping 2-year-old Olly Reid’s parents buy him a Kidwalk. Olly’s life is tough enough, suffering from cerebral palsy. The Kidwalk should help little Olly in gaining some mobility. Thanks to everyone - amazing kindness, thank you, thank you, thank you.


That’s it for another year.

As the curtain draws on our last show in 2014, we would like to thank everyone that supported the Society this year. We hope you enjoyed the shows and look forward to seeing you all again next year. Thank you all. :-)

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A colourful cast

Here’s a pic of the cast during the the full dress rehearshal we had last Friday. Great fun!

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First day done!

So day one, shows 1 & 2 over and done with and the cast is buzzing, having had a great time. The audiences, as ever, were terrific and great participation by the kids including some top-class "shaddappayourface"s at the end. Thanks to everyone who's come so far. Roll on Wednesday!

Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2014

The Society's AGM will be held at The Hub on Tuesday 25th February @ 19.30 in the 100 room. Anyone is welcome to attend but only adult members of the Society can vote.

Setup weekend!

Yes, it’s setup weekend! Two days of intense work getting all the set put together as well as sorting the sound and lighting. Lots of hard graft but we do it with big smiles on our faces. Only a week until the first performance! Here are some behind-the-scenes pics...


Get your tickets NOW!!

Wow - ticket sales are doing really well. The Saturday evening shows are pretty much sold out with a few still available for the matinees. Wednesday & Friday is also selling well but there's still plenty available for Thursday.

We having such a good time in rehearsals with tears of laughter coming at regular intervals! The set design is looking amazing and the costumes as ostentatious as ever. 

It's gonna be a good 'un! :D