The 8th Verwood Talented Youth Concert

On March the 2nd @ 14.30, The Hub hosts the 8th Verwood Talented Youth Concert. VPS has a strong connection with the VTYC and it's a fantastic event. Children from 4 to 18 are involved, with a wide style of entertainment ranging from singing, to dancing, to solo/group musicians. Ticket costs are £5 for adults, £3 for under-13s. Contact The Hub for more information.


We had a very lengthy AGM this evening with a good attendence. Plenty of topics were discussed - some quite heated (and entertaining!) but as always, democracy ruled with Sue Gardiner steering the ship with her usual aplomb. Richard McPherson was a little stunned and visibly overwhelmed to receive the Terry Steven's Memorial Award for Outstanding Contribution for all his work behind the scenes. Afterwards all the members enjoyed cheese and wine and a good natter. Next on the agenda is the DVD night at the Hub, where all the cast and crew get the chance to see the whole show as the audience for a change. Can't wait!

After-show party

The cast and crew enjoyed a well-deserved after-show party last night, with the juniors having a whale of a time on the dance floor. Steve Butterworth, the Society's resident DJ, served up a menu of classic and contemporary tunes to keep everyone happy, although the juniors did look on with some bemusement as the more *cough* seasoned of us bopped along to some 80's classics. A good time was had by all and everyone is already talking about what next year's panto could be!