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Units 1 & 2,
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CBT Compulsory Basic Training

CBTCompulsory Basic Training (or CBT) was introduced by the government on the 1st December 1990. The course objective is to reduce the number of accidents involving motorcyclists. CBT must be completed by all new riders* and covers the following 5 elements;

  1. Element A - Introduction
  2. Element B - Practical On Site Training
  3. Element C - Practical On Site Riding
  4. Element D - Safety Talk
  5. Element E - Practical On Road Riding

A 1Designed for the total novice, CBT will take you from zero experience to achieving a minimum standard of safety and competence, as set by the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

Elements A to D will last approximately 4 hours. Element E will be at least two hours in full radio contact with your instructor with an instructor/pupil ratio of no more than 1 to 2.

When your instructor is happy with your riding you’ll be issued with a certificate of completion of training (DL 196).

The certificate is valid for two years and will allow you to ride a learner legal motorcycle or moped.

If you do not pass your practical test within two years you will need to complete another CBT course to acquire a new certificate.

Legal Requirements

In element A your instructor will check that you have all the legal requirements such as the correct driving licence**, insurance and a roadworthy bike with road tax and MOT (if bike is over 3 years old). L plates must be displayed front and rear, as near to vertical as possible and without being cut down.

After completing a CBT a 16 year old can ride a moped. 17 and older can ride a learner legal 125cc machine.

*If you passed your car driving test before 1st February 2001 then you do not need to complete a CBT if you wish to ride a moped, although it is recommended. The driving licence automatically gives you full category 'p' moped entitlement.

** You must have category 'A' on your provisional licence if you wish to ride any bike bigger than a moped.

Courses run most days, beginning at 9am and continuing until training is completed - usually around 4pm but no later than 6pm.

Cost - Standard Course (1 day)

(Maximum instructor/pupil ratio 1:4 for elements A-D, 1:2 for element E)

Cost - CBT extra (2 days)

CBT extra is a course we've devised to give new riders extra experience on the road before flying solo. Day 1 will be a regular CBT but day 2 will be a day's riding with one of our team. This is a great way for novice riders to get valuable real-world experience whilst in constant supervision and guidance from our experienced instructors.

(Day 1 : Maximum instructor/pupil ratio 1:4 for elements A-D, 1:2 for element E. Day 2 : Maximum instructor/pupil ratio 1:2)

Cost - 1-to-1 Course (1 day)

(Instructor/pupil ratio 1:1 for all elements)

DVSA approved motorcycle training body (ATB)